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Last Man Standing
Basic Information
[*] The event will start only with 5 players or more. (Max: 30)
[*] Any player can join the event.
[*] The whole event explosions is random, so anyone can win.
[*] Players can not walk over tiles that is already exploded.
[*] MC will not be allowed inside the event (players will be blocked at the portal).
Everyday (todos os dias) 18:00
Being the last one standing 10 bars of gold*
Monster of the Day
Monster Pedestal

Train Skills Offline!

Top 5 Experience

1 - Eternal Oblivion
   Level: (601)
   Elite Knight
2 - Kerberos
   Level: (556)
   Master Sorcerer
3 - King Kade
   Level: (552)
   Elite Knight
4 - Smiley
   Level: (528)
   Elder Druid
5 - Super Freak
   Level: (520)
   Elite Knight