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Terms and Conditions

1. Submission of a donation to, "Tamera-global" is a voluntary action completely unnecessary for game play on this server.
2. By submitting any type of monetary unit to Tamera-global, you agree that you are not entitled to receive anything from Tamera-global. This form of donation is completely voluntary, and is for the good of the server . Rewards are given to those who have donated as a thanks to you for your continued support of the server.
3. By submitting a donation via paypal to Tamera-global you agree to the terms presented in the following 5, lettered statements (A-E), and their subsections:
1. Hacer una donacion a, "Tamera-global" es voluntaria y complemente inecesario para jugar el juego.
2. Al hacer cualquier tipo de transaccion monetaria, tu aceptas que no estas comprando en absoluto nada. Se te da una recompensa en agradecimiento que ayudas a el server a mantenerse en pie.
3. Al hacer una donacion por el metodo PayPal estas de acuerdo con los 5 terminos ya enlistados en las secciones: (A-E), y sus subsecciones:

Details of the points
By making a donation you accept our terms and conditions

Super Promotion: Only applies for donations above $ 200mx
Number of CoinsValue of the donation
250 Tibia Coins
550 Tibia Coins150$MXN
1200 Tibia Coins
+(1) Exercise Weapon + (1) Keg
2500 Tibia Coins
+(2) Exercise Weapon + (2) Keg
5200 Tibia Coins
+(4) Exercise Weapon + (4) Keg + Ferumbras Dummy + (2) Cask
11100 Tibia Coins
+(10) Exercise Weapon + (10) Keg + Ferumbras Dummy + (5) Cask + shiny daily reward + imbuing shrine

Deposit/OXXO(Only for México, page in Spanish)

ENG: Deposit through an oxxo or seven eleven terminal.
ESP: Deposita mediante una terminal Oxxo o Seven Eleven.

PayPal and World Trade

Donate with PayPal: Click here!
World Trade: Click Here! Donate with global coins.
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