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Character Information
Name: Lacrii Cosa
Sex: Female
Vocation: Elite Knight
Level: 775
Balance: 356495735
World: ZhimeraV3
Residence: Thais
Guild Membership: Member of the The Ruthless Seven
Last login: 27 January 2022, 1:03 am
Account Status: Free Account

Demon Helmet
Pits Of Inferno
The Inquisition
The Secret Library
Wrath Of The Emperor
Demon Oak
In service of Yalahar

Character Last Deaths
26/01/2022 00:41Died at level 777 by a tunnel tyrant.
13/01/2022 01:22Died at level 776 by a werehyaena. and a werehyaena shaman
11/01/2022 00:14Died at level 764 by Omrafir.
11/01/2022 00:08Died at level 767 by Omrafir.
4/01/2022 15:52Died at level 769 by a dark torturer.
18/11/2021 15:26Died at level 749 by a dark torturer.
16/11/2021 13:41Died at level 746 by a cave devourer.
10/11/2021 16:19Died at level 745 by a werehyaena shaman.
24/10/2021 17:32Died at level 688 by a brachiodemon.
24/10/2021 17:30Died at level 690 by a brachiodemon.
15/10/2021 20:50Died at level 679 by a cobra assassin. and a cobra scout
13/10/2021 08:01Died at level 671 by a dark torturer.
12/10/2021 20:04Died at level 672 by a werehyaena. and a werehyaena shaman
29/09/2021 01:52Died at level 613 by a dark torturer.
27/09/2021 00:15Died at level 607 by a vexclaw.
20/09/2021 22:14Died at level 580 by Mean Lost Soul. and Flimsy Lost Soul
17/09/2021 00:10Died at level 553 by Mean Lost Soul.
13/09/2021 17:28Died at level 547 by a dark torturer.
8/09/2021 00:55Died at level 530 by a hellspawn. and a dark torturer
7/09/2021 05:32Died at level 531 by Grand Chaplain Gaunder. and Drume
4/09/2021 03:30Died at level 528 by a dark torturer. and a hellspawn
3/09/2021 05:24Died at level 526 by field item. and The Count Of The Core
1/09/2021 15:06Died at level 510 by Flimsy Lost Soul. and Freakish Lost Soul
1/09/2021 03:45Died at level 510 by a dark torturer.
31/08/2021 11:26Died at level 511 by a grimeleech. and a vexclaw
27/08/2021 01:31Died at level 422 by Waspoid. and a kollos
26/08/2021 00:43Died at level 407 by a silencer. and a guzzlemaw
22/08/2021 02:16Died at level 377 by a dark torturer.
21/08/2021 22:24Died at level 361 by a dark torturer.
20/08/2021 05:05Died at level 185 by a kollos. and a spidris
20/08/2021 03:17Died at level 63 by a demon skeleton.

Account Information
Created:8 August 2021, 8:07 pm

1. Lacrii Cosa ZhimeraV3 offline

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