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Character Information
Name: La Posolera Sierra
Sex: Female
Vocation: Royal Paladin
Level: 333
Balance: 4200119
World: ZhimeraV3
Residence: Thais
Guild Membership: Estaca 1 of the Carteles Unidos Reynosa
Last login: 24 October 2021, 5:11 pm
Account Status: Free Account

Demon Helmet
Pits Of Inferno
The Inquisition
The Secret Library
Wrath Of The Emperor
Demon Oak
In service of Yalahar

Character Last Deaths
9/09/2021 09:09Died at level 334 by a dark torturer.
9/09/2021 09:04Died at level 335 by Soulless Minion. and Count Vlarkorth
9/09/2021 09:00Died at level 336 by Drume.
9/09/2021 08:45Died at level 337 by a dark torturer. and a Duke Krule
8/09/2021 06:40Died at level 339 by a dark torturer. and a hellspawn
8/09/2021 03:11Died at level 335 by a hellfire fighter.
6/09/2021 00:17Died at level 334 by Sirfyck.
5/09/2021 10:45Died at level 335 by a dark torturer.
5/09/2021 07:35Died at level 336 by a mutated tiger.
5/09/2021 07:28Died at level 337 by a mutated bat.
3/09/2021 15:39Died at level 264 by a mutated tiger. and a mutated bat
3/09/2021 15:25Died at level 265 by a mutated bat.
3/09/2021 10:20Died at level 257 by a mutated bat. and a mutated tiger
1/09/2021 18:35Died at level 221 by a dragon lord.
1/09/2021 09:17Died at level 221 by a dragon lord.
31/08/2021 10:48Died at level 209 by field item. and a mutated tiger
31/08/2021 09:12Died at level 174 by a mutated bat.
31/08/2021 07:50Died at level 97 by a dragon lord.
31/08/2021 07:31Died at level 76 by a dragon lord.
31/08/2021 06:58Died at level 55 by a dragon hatchling. and a dragon
30/08/2021 05:01Died at level 56 by a crustacea gigantica.

Account Information
Created:25 August 2021, 5:13 am

1. La Posolera Sierra ZhimeraV3 offline
2. Operativa Spartanos ZhimeraV3 offline
3. Reynosa La Maldosa ZhimeraV3 offline
4. Trap Capos ZhimeraV3 offline
5. Tu Chin Gada Madre ZhimeraV3 offline

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